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The Northeast Entrepreneur Fund began as a supportive resource with training, technical assistance, and financing for people – residents of the region - with ideas for businesses that could replace their lost jobs. Initially we provided training and technical assistance one-on-one. As the numbers grew we began offering workshops to groups of people. Adding one topic at a time, the collective effort of Entrepreneur Fund staff resulted in the development of curricula for entrepreneurs and business owners at various stages of their business life cycle.

The Northeast Entrepreneur Fund developed The CORE FOUR Business Planning Course® in 1998 as a culmination of 10 years of teaching entrepreneurs to plan businesses. As of 2011, we have helped over 10,000 businesses start or expand in our region.

COMING SOON: We are putting the finishing touches on The BE SMART curriculum which is targeted to business owners who have already determined their business dream and model, and are ready to begin building their company. For small businesses in their second or third years of business, The BE STRATEGIC Curriculum will offer the information and support necessary to grow to the next level.